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The animation is absolutely amazing! This was really enjoyable.

How can a planet be rich on oil without life on it? Oil is produced of dead animals and plants..

Spinne responds:

Well you got me here buddy :D :D :D but lets just say that there was once life on this planet and it all died leaving only the oil.

Wow some really good flow in the animation style i really enjoyed this hope to see more in future! ;D 5+

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks buddy!

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I'm giving you three stars, because I feel its fair, the game deserves to exist because of the lack of motivation that sometimes hits game developers. I wish it at least had points but its less interactive than pong.

The concept is good, but theres a few things I'd work on.

I would first of all include a menu in the start, then I would suggest conforming to 1 pixel-scale for everything, because you have enlarged pixels and also small pixels.

A few other small constructive remarks I have is changing a few of the sounds, like the eating sound and I'm not sure why theres children cheering when you leave home.
Anyway good job on the game so far, but could be improved in many ways.

I really like the little screaming men on fire, i dunno why, but the way they move and scream gets a chuckle from me every time.

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Wow this isn't bad at all! I really like it. If you're a musician and willing to collab, hit me up :)

I would probably add some more variation to the melody perhaps. Then maybe adjust the drums add a little bit of harmonics in there. I really like the main melody though.

DELTA0902 responds:

Okay! :) I'm working in a new project, it's a long piece divided in 2 parts, if you want, you can contact me on private and I'll send you some samples.

Would be good with some drum snare, right now you only got kicks and maybe add also some variations like some hi-hat and make the kicks respond to the melody. Otherwise solid track you got there.

Ectisity responds:

Thx man :D. I'll take your points in consideration ;).

Master this with a bit more of a story to it. Like, intro, first instruments, build on the instruments, solo/main melody, alternate interments/bridge, outro. This is the plot for most of my tracks and it works very well. After you have done that, master the shit out of it. NOW YOU HAVE A GREAT TRACK! Good job on the drums and i love the catchy piano tunes you have here.

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Amazing quality for a 1hour job.

Great job, So here we have, Armour to support different classes ;D

Super Quality!

Love it, its quite unique.

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